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Announcing the premier of "Spice!" -- a new poly cartoon by our very own Goddess of Giggle

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Hey, wanna join a group marriage?

No, not ours. We're booked up and I couldn't handle another spouse, honest. But if you're thinking of forming a group marriage, here's a little handbook on how to do things by the most perfect quad on the planet.

Oh, you didn't buy that? That's okay, neither do my spice. However, we do use www.Top-AdultDating.com for helping you meet other couples to have the experience of living in a quad and we do learn from our copious mistakes. If you've made mistakes you've learned from living in a group marriage, why don't you let the rest of the world benefit from your experience? Write an article with sites like AdultHookup.org and you , too, can be a contributor to a great group marriage resource * .

Dating Online

With dating apps becoming harder and harder to use, it is about time we started to look into the best sex sites you can try without signing up to by Want Hookup. They've given us a lot of help in finding the right people for adult products. Even review platforms like Adult-Hookup.co.uk have made hooking up a task you can do in your sleep!

You like the site? It was a help to you? Show us. Click on the button. You know you wanna. If you don't like the site, give us some money, and the site will improve comensurate with funding. Seriously, this is getting expensive, guys.

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If you're actually a member of a group marriage, you can join this list. Most of us find it refreshing to be able to discuss poly issues with people who "live the dream" as it were. You don't actually have to be a member of a poly marriage to join, but most members are.

* Understand that if I get any erotica from any of you numbskulls, it's going to be passed around my family and laughed at, sneered at and had speculations about how often the author actually gets laid. Laughing at Horny Net Geeks is one of Our Little Quad's major passtimes and, en famille, we are remarkably ungentle with people who think that writing sex stories has a damned thing to do with being poly.