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A new poly cartoon by our very own Goddess of Giggle


Hey, wanna join a group marriage?

No, not ours. We’re booked up and I couldn’t handle another spouse, honest. But if you’re thinking of forming a group marriage, here’s a little handbook on how to do things by the most perfect quad on the planet.

Oh, you didn’t buy that? That’s okay, neither do my spice. However, we do have the experience of living in a quad and we do learn from our copious mistakes. If you’ve made mistakes you’ve learned from living in a group marriage, why don’t you let the rest of the world benefit from your experience? Write an article and you, too, can be a contributor to a great group marriage resource.

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Where To Find Right People?

You can find may people who are interested in this kind of relationship on the dating websites.The dating site we recommend is match.com, and if you are interested to join then we recommend getting discount on match.com from promocodealerts.com website.

Why We Are Recommending Match.com?

If you happen to be a hardcore football fan and you are looking for somebody who shares the same level of enthusiasm with you, then the answer to all your questions is Match. One of the features on the website enables you to join specific communities according to your interests, so that you can find people with whom you can have never ending conversations. Your safety is their principal concern. So you can have a smooth sail and a jolly time, without giving a second thought to your privacy.

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